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Shop FIXD Diagnostic Active Car Health Monitor 8873301, read customer reviews. Loved it took my car to get checked and the diagnostic was the same as my.

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The ms response time is a huge benefit to having a TN monitor. Three-millisecond standard response time with a one.

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What is FIXD, How Does It Work, How Much Does This Device Cost, And Where To Buy It? Read Our Humble Review & Find Out Everything About This OBD 2.

That’s the issue that Fixd is hoping to eliminate. Naturally, it’s a Kickstarter project, requiring $50 to get hold of the device and its corresponding iOS or Android app when it ships early next.

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With a FIXD app and sensor, those of us who are essentially car. Get a FIXD obd-ii active car health monitor from Amazon for $59.99.

The Fixd APPlication is thus one of the best things that you can get.After reading this complete Fixd review, you might be surprised to by just how many things you can actually learn from the application.According to the company, the sensor can almost recognize more than 6800 maladies affecting the car and also hamper the car engine.

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