You Are Considering A 3/5 Arm. What Does The 5 Represent?

A 3/1 ARM (adjustable-rate mortgage) is a type of mortgage that is very commonly offered today. If you are considering this type of mortgage, you will want to make sure that you understand exactly what is involved with it. Here are the basics of the 3/1 ARM. Fixed Interest Period. With this type of mortgage, you will have three years of fixed interest.

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You may also see programs such as a 5/6 ARM, which means the interest rate is fixed for the first five years, variable for the remaining 25 years, and will adjust every six months. If you see a 5/1 ARM, it is exactly the same as the 5/6 ARM, except it changes only once a year after the five-year fixed period.

Variable Rate Definition Variable-rate definition, providing for changes in the interest rate, adjusted periodically in accordance with prevailing market conditions: a variable-rate mortgage. See more.

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5/1 Arm Loan Means A 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage (5/1 ARM) is an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) with an interest rate that is initially fixed for five years then adjusts each year. adjustable-rate mortgages, where the interest rate is subject to change according to market fluctuations and terms, may make certain borrowers wary, particularly following the Great Recession.

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In a 5-1 ARM, the 5 indicates that the initial interest period is five years long. The next major part of an ARM is how the interest rate will change. In an 5-1 ARM, the rate will change every 1 year. If a mortgage were a "5-2" ARM, the interest rate would change every 2 years.

Cash flow ARMs. A cash flow ARM is a minimum payment option mortgage loan. This type of loan allows a borrower to choose their monthly payment from several options. These payment options usually include the option to pay at the 30-year level, 15-year level, interest only level, and a.

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