What Is My Home Appraised At

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4 Reasons for a Low Home Appraisal and What Happens Next! When you refinance your mortgage, everything hinges on the appraisal. If your home’s value is so low that you’re underwater, you can’t refinance. If your appraisal value puts your home equity at less.

The appraised value of a house is the result of a home appraisal, which is conducted by a licensed appraiser. The appraisal is an evaluation of the home and local market conditions used to determine the market value of a house. In some ways, the appraised value is similar to the fair market value.

Home Tax Assessed Value Vs. Appraised Value. For homeowners, it's important to understand what the value of your home means and how it.

Appraisals are performed by professionals known as appraisers and, with photos, research, and analysis, home appraisal reports can sometimes stretch to 30 pages of more. The home appraisal process helps to determine whether a home buyer is over-paying for a home relative to similar for-sale homes.

So how does a market evaluation performed by a realtor differ from the market evaluation of your home from the City? The City does what is called a mass appraisal’. It is not practical or cost.

If your seller does decide to terminate the contract and pull. If the agent is confident that there are no comps to get the home appraised at the agreed-to-purchase price, they can wait until the.

When you sell your home, an appraiser will estimate how much your home is worth in the process of a home appraisal. The size, quality, condition, and presence or absence of key features impact your home’s appraised value. Size Your home’s total number of square feet, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and lot size impact its value.

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